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Asimov's Science Fiction
Many of the dinosaur cartoons on the site and in the Dinosaur Cartoons book first appeared in the pages of Asimov's. They maintain a selection of my dinosaur cartoons that is diferent than what is currently on the Dinosaur Cartoons site.
Walters & Kissinger's Dinoart.com
World-class dinosaur art studio.
Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Resource Center
A new 20,000 square foot dinosaur museum in Woodland Park, Colorado with exhibits from North America's late Cretaceous period of marine reptiles, pterosaurs, dinosaurs, a working fossil lab viewable by visitors, educational activities, and a great gift shop (which has the Dinosaur Cartoons book in stock).
Prehistoric Times
Site for the dinosaur enthusiast magazine. You'll often see ads for Dinosaur Cartoons here.
The world's fair of dinosaurs.
Site for sience writer Dino Don Lessem

Dinosaur Blogs

A great paleo blog by Michael J. Ryan, PH.D. Includes posts on paleo art and cartoons, current news, features and interesting tidbits about dinosaurs, fossils and other items of paleo interest. Seems like there's always something interesting on his pages and he has great taste in paleo artists, comics artists and cartoonists.
Hairy Museum of Natural History
Various posts and art by Matt Celeskey, which are usually paleo oriented.
Olduvai George
Natural History info and art from illustrator Carl Buell.
El PaleoFreak
Paleo blog in Spanish, but you can try a Google translation.
DinosaurNews Webzine
Dinosaur news, from New Zealand.
Dino Data
News info and art.
lines and colors (Paleo Art category)
Not exactly a dino blog, lines and colors is an art blog by the author of Dinosaur Cartoons that features posts about dinosaur art. The link above goes directly to the Paleo Art category

Dinosaur Links Sites

Dinosaur Links
University of California Museum of Paleontology's list of links
Paleontology and Fossils Resources
Extensive list form the University of Arizona
Prehistoric Links
Short but sweet list of dinosaur links. They pick out a Cool Links Featured Site each month and keep an archive of previous picks. Part of the nicely done Prehistoric Planet site.
Dinosaur Resources on the Internet
List of dinosaur site links, arranged by category. Part of Dinosaur Web. The site isn't officially open yet, but the links are current
Dino Russ's lair
Most of the site sections accessed from this page are long lists of links to other sites. Others are internal sections of Dino Russ's site. The arrangement is a tad confusing but it's a good resource nonetheless. He includes descriptions of the linked sites that can save you a lot of clicking. From the Illinois State Geological Survey - Geoscience Education and Outreach Unit.
Kewl Dinosaur Links Page
Extensive links page, arranged by category. Part of the Dinosaur.org site
Dino Fun
List of Dinosaur links arranged Yahoo-style.
Hot Links
List of dinosaur and related links. Part of the Dinosauria On-line site.
Dinosauricon Links
Short but interesting list. Part of the Dinosauricon site.
Dinoland Paleontology Links
Short, selective list. Part of the Official Dino Land Website .
Dinoland Paleontology Links
Short, selective list. Part of the Official Dino Land Website .
Dann's Dinosaur Links
Pretty long list of links, arranged in topics, with some brief descriptions. Part of the Dann's Dinosaurs. site from Australia.
Dinosaurs on the Net
Unfortunately, this is not a direct link because of their use of frames. Click on "Dinosaurs on the Net" at the top of the page. A fairly extensive list, arranged by category with helpful descriptions. Part of the Prehistorics Illustrated site.
Glen's Dinosaur Den
Good-size list of links, arranged by topic, some brief descriptions. Part of Kuban's Paleo Place.
Mid-size list of links, arranged alphabetically, with brief descriptions. Part of Kuban's Paleo Place.

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Dinosaur Activity Sites

Sheppard Software's DinoMight
Dinoasur activities, interactive timeline, fossils and dinosaur games

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Dinosaur Humor and Amusements

Hairy Museum of Natural History
Dinoasur oddities, marginal science and other amusments.
Larry the Dinosaur
Weekly comic strip, part of the Dnosaur.org site.

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Cartoon Links Sites

Searchable listing of internet humor and cartoon sites, arranged Yahoo-style..
Nerd Wide Web: Cartoons
Searchable listing of internet sites, including humor and cartoon sites. Part of the NerdWorld site.
Toon.com Cartoon Links
Large searchable listing of cartoon and comics sites, arranged like the Yahoo directory. Part of the Toon.com site.
Goan.com Best of the Net Cartoon Links
Listing of cartoon and comics sites. Part of the Best of the Net site.
Cartoons on the Web
Listing of cartoon and comics sites. Part of the Comedy Zone site.
AAA Comic Strip Index
Large alphabetical listing of cartoon and comics sites. Look for the linked letters of the alphabet in the middle of the page. Part of the Barkie's World site.
Stu's Comic Strip Connection
Huge (4000+) alphabetical and searchable listing of cartoon and comics sites. Look for the linked letters of the alphabet partway down the page. Also view comics and strips right on the site.
A List of Comic Strips on the Internet
Short, but highly selective list of good comics on the Net. Concentrates on newspaper strips but also includes Web comics. From Per Persson.
AstroNerdBoy's Comic Strips
Nice alphabetical list with links to descriptons. Includes newspaper strips and Web comics. Well tended and up-to-date.

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